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imageMirar absorto la pantalla mientras las letras suben desde el teclado. Contar casi las palabras, pensar no s cmo salir de este embolado. Parar, coger el tazn y echar un trago extralargo. We sipped Patron tequila margaritas and enjoyed Cabernet Sauvignons from Ca Momi and Chappellet. There were also wines from Salus, Blackbird Vineyards and Luna Vineyards being liberally poured. Silent and live auctions raised funds for the charity and the night was topped off with performances by Matt Nathanson and Sam Getz of Welshly Arms, followed by Michael Franti closing out the evening with a set that got everyone singing and dancing..

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Also, maybe more than anything else, a way of saying, 'we love you and we care about you.' I'm talking about our former players and current players, knowing that this type of thing will be there for them when they finish. Network will host job fairs with local businesses. As evidenced by this UM tweet, several partners are already on board..

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